1) Tax Reform Year 2018 and Beyond

NYS Paid Family Leave - Employees

NYS Paid Family Leave - Employer

3)Using your Accountant with Real Estate Investments

4) New Overtime Rules

4A) Overtime Rules FAQs

5) Why Entrepreneurs Should Hire an Accountant

6) Business Records Retention Schedule

7) Tax Issues Affecting Seniors and the Rest of Us

What to do if...

1) What to do in light of the Equifax security breach...

2) What to do to Achieve Good Business Tax Practices

3) What to do when a Loved One Departs Us

4) What to do when deciding how to pay a worker...

5) What to factor when hiring an "Unpaid Intern"

6) What To Do in Building Your Business Credit...

7) What You Should Know about Financial Planning & Planners...

8) What to do when Purchasing a Home


1) Family Records Organizer Kit

2) NYS Required Employer Pay Notification to Employees-starting January 2012

3) Health Care Notification Forms for Employers

4) Avoid Identity Theft...
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