Our firm with combined experience of over 50 years duration has continually strived to provide our varied clients with complete accounting and tax services.  Our longevity together with retainage of entities operated by second generation family members bespeaks the quality and capability characteristics that are available to all of our clients.

            The following is a Descriptive Summary of these Services.

  • Financial statements of every nature – Business and Personal.
  • Tax preparation and planning with respect to all federal and state tax matters effecting corporations, partnerships, estates and individuals.
  • Consulting and advisory services with respect to:

                        Computer and accounting system installations.

  • Business issues which our experience can be of significant assistance including but not limited to:

            Cash Management;
            Employment Matters;
            Asset Acquisitions;

We believe that our successful “boutique” hands on approach enables us to provide a complete package in responding to the needs of the existing complex business environment.

We believe that our firm specializes in those business and tax matters that most benefit our clients.

Our approach is that we are an individualized service provider who view ourselves as a “business partner” in addition to being your accountant.  By business partner we mean we are there to help you MAKE and/or SAVE money. We encourage our clients to utilize us as a resource base.

We are prepared to assist you in making decisions by offering the following services:


  • Preparation of the books and records of your business and personal accounts.
  • Bookkeeping systems analysis and recommendations for modification and computerization.
  • Temporary bookkeeping service.
  • Brokerage account recording and analysis.
  • Record keeping for trust and estates.

Tax Services

  • Preparation of payroll tax returns.
  • Preparation of sales and local tax returns.
  • Tax audit representations.
  • Income tax planning and tax advice for the closely held business.
  • Preparation of corporate and partnership tax returns.
  • Preparation of trust and estate tax returns.

Financial Statement Service

  • Preparation of certified statements.
  • Preparation of compiled financial statements.
  • Preparation of personal financial statements.
  • Preparation of statements of cash receipts and cash disbursements.

Business Advice and Other Services

  • Review of employee benefits.
  • Equipment leasing vs Purchasing.
  • Cash management and investing surplus funds.
  • Pension plan feasibility analysis.
  • Review of insurance.
  • Assisting in establishing your in house computerized systems with our staff consultants.
  • Computer hardware and software recommendations to meet specific needs.
  • Managing the installation of systems, training of staff and on-going maintenance.

At Hochhauser and Agler CPA’s PC., we strive for our accounting firm to have the goal of providing our clients with the highest quality skills and service. We have not lost our focus on small business and the close contact and service they need.  This is advantageous because it allows us to be flexible, hands on, and to have grassroots ingenuity in assisting our clients.

We would be happy to meet with you, on a complimentary basis, to explore a relationship.  Feel free to call us, solicit references, and learn how we can help you and your business prosper.

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